4 Outdoor Art Projects for the Holidays

1.  Pine Cone Christmas Trees – Collect pine cones from the preschool playground and place them with the small end up.  Paint the pine cone green and glue colorful puff balls on as ornaments.

2.  Holiday Wreath – Collect snips of pine tree twigs and pine cones from the children’s outdoor play area and put them in a basket.  Cut the middle circle out of a paper plate and paste the pine twigs onto the outside paper plate ring.

3.  Natural Paintings – Put some paint on a plate.  Use the pine twigs as paint brushes or roll the pine cones in the paint and then across paper.

4.  Pine Cone Ornaments – Dip pine cones in paint or use paint brushes to paint them.  Attach a ribbon and hang them up on the tree.

pine cones

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