4 Ways to Celebrate the 4th of July

The promise of fireworks at night makes it challenging to keep your child busy during the day on the 4th of July. As a parent, it can be difficult to think of activities that are both fun and educational. After all, it is the summer, and your children should be creating new experiences.

If you are struggling with this holiday’s entertainment, don’t worry! We have you covered. Here are four 4th of July activities to keep you and your child engaged and happy.

1. Take a 4th of July Road Trip

A road trip is an excellent way to bond with your children and expand their education. A road trip allows your children to see historical landmarks and explore new cities.

Research the area you’re traveling to to see if anyone gives historical tours. These give your children the opportunity to explore buildings, see artifacts and learn about important persons. Tours that accompany 4th of July events are typically conducted by local historians with extensive knowledge.

At the end of the road trip, your children are going to have great new experiences and memories to share with their friends. You can leave the road trip knowing that you impacted your child’s education in a fun and engaging way.

2. Read about American History

Another option you can add to your 4th of July activities is to read about American history. Not only is it a great way for your children to learn about the past, but it’s also a way to improve reading and vocabulary skills.

You don’t want this exciting day to feel boring, so get as creative as you can. Read with your children at the park and afterwards they can play. You can also invite their friends over for a group reading – and have them wear matching 4th of July shirts to create a fun atmosphere. They could even dress up as famous Americans!

3. Watch Patriotic Movies Outside

A great 4th of July celebration is to watch movies outside in your backyard. You can set up a projector and 4th of July decorations to create a unique atmosphere. 

National Treasure is a great choice (if they’re old enough!) and teaches American history in an exciting, suspenseful way. Hamilton has famously told the story of our Founding Fathers in a hip, musical format.

Between films, you can discuss the contents of the movies with your children. This allows you to explain the importance of the movies and gives your children the opportunity to ask questions.

4. Make Independence Day Themed-Snacks

To add more to the 4th of July celebrations, serve patriotic desserts and snacks. You could even have your children help you in the kitchen. This is a great way to teach your children about cooking and kitchen safety.

We love these flag-shaped snacks – they’re fun, fairly healthy, and easily assembled by your children. Or warmup for the party sparklers with this fun fruit version! Get creative – anything red, white and blue works!

Everything is a Learning Opportunity!

We hope we gave you some inspiration in creating fun and educational 4th of July activities. 

If you want to learn more about improving your child’s education, check out our other articles. Here at The Adventurous Child, we strive to inform parents about children’s research so you can improve your child’s development.


We strive to create fun and informative content that will help young children learn and grow. However, it's important to keep in mind that all activities should be performed under the supervision of an adult. The Adventurous Child website is intended to serve as a reference and guidance for educational activities, and it is ultimately the responsibility of the parent, guardian, and/or educator to determine the appropriateness of the activity for their child’s age and maturity level. Thank you for your understanding and support!