6 Back to School Tips to Set You Up for Success

In the United States, 49.4 million children prekindergarten through 12th grade attend public school each year. Your child may be entering school for the first time or going back. Either way, preparing your children for back to school can be overwhelming.

If you (or your student) feel overwhelmed by going back to school – relax. We have created a list of back-to-school tips to help you and your child. Continue reading for some back-to-school advice.

1. Create a Bedtime Routine

As school approaches, it can help to develop a sleep schedule one to two weeks before it starts. This will help your child’s sleeping habits. Bedtimes usually vary with age, so take that into consideration when setting a time.

Have your child start a pre-bedtime routine: brushing their teeth, reading, picking out an outfit for the next day. You should also limit any use of electronics to at least an hour before bed.

2. Organize a Schedule

You should take the time before school starts to organize a schedule. Write down important dates in your and your child’s life.

Knowing when and where you should be will create efficiency. You can ask your child’s teacher for a school schedule. 

It’s also a great idea to write down your child’s extracurricular activities. This helps ensure an adult is there to support your child.

3. Food Plan / Meal Prep

When your child is going back to school, they will need lunches. Many preschools and kindergarten provide lunch if they are full-day classrooms. If you prefer your child to bring their own lunch, this requires more of your time but has great benefits. You’ll know that your child will be eating food that they enjoy and that supports their dietary needs.

4. Interact with Teacher/ Classmates

It’s important that your child learn to interact with their classmates and teachers. This will help your child feel comfortable in a new environment. As a parent, you can arrange playdates with your child’s classmates.

Interacting with the teacher will help you gain knowledge of the curriculum. You can also inform the teacher of any concerns you may have about the class and your child.

5. Arrange Transportation

You can’t go back to school if you don’t go to school. Ensure your child has reliable transportation both to and from school. Luckily, there are a few ways your child can get to school depending on their age.

Check with your school to see if there are families interested in creating car pools.You and your child can walk together if you live close enough, or you can drive them. It’s important to teach your child about transportation safety and give them rules.

6. Plan Before and After School Care

After school care is less about your child, and more about you, the parent. If you work outside the home, your mind will be at ease knowing your child is well cared for. 

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We hope we provided you with back-to-school information that will help your family. These back-to-school tips will reduce your stress and maximize your child’s school experience.


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