7 Activities Using Fall Leaves

The leaves here haven’t started changing colors yet, but the first day of Fall was this past Saturday, September 22nd, so I thought why not start thinking about some fun Fall leaves activities?

  1. Leaf Collecting – Collect beautiful Fall leaves all season long and paste them into a scrapbook.
  2. Leaf Rubbings – Place a leaf under a piece of paper and rub the side of a crayon over the paper to reveal the tiny veins and edges of the leaf.
  3. Leaf Windows – Stick leaves to the sticky side of contact paper and then stick it up on  your window.  It looks like the leaves are falling all day long!
  4. Leaf Piles – Rake up a leaf pile and jump in!  (Some children don’t like their leaf pile to be scattered so it may be a good idea to designate jumping and non-jumping piles.)
  5. Leaf Prints – Paint one side of a leaf and then use it like a stamp to decorate paper.
  6. Leaf and Wax Paper – Place leaves between two pieces of wax paper.  Iron the paper to preserve the leaves.
  7. Leaf Sorting – Collect leaves and then sort them according to size, color, shape, or however the children wish.

Picture Source:  http://www.sxc.hu/