Outdoor Easter Activities for Preschoolers

Get the children hopping with these outdoor Easter activities:

1.  Color Easter Eggs – Take this messy activity outdoors where egg dye spills are no big deal.
2.  Egg Relay Race – Use your colorful Easter eggs for a relay race.  Each child has a spoon to carry their egg and after running their part of the race, they must pass their egg to the next child.
3.  Egg Obstacle Course – Same concept as number 2 except instead of passing the egg, children can go through various obstacles all the while trying to keep their egg balanced on their spoon.
4.  Egg Toss – Children stand across from one another and toss eggs back and forth.
5.  Basket Treasure Hunt – Design a treasure map that leads the children across the outdoor preschool playground in search of an Easter basket.
6.  Bunny Hop Sack Race – Children practice their hopping skills across the preschool playground in a good old fashioned sack race.
7.  Easter Egg Hunt – And of course the list wouldn’t be complete without the traditional Easter egg hunt!

*Note, for activities 2, 3, and 4, try using hard boiled eggs.  They work well because they will crack and break if they fall hard, but will still be usable through more than one fall or missed catch.

outdoor easter activities

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