A Log Fort on the Preschool Playground

We are working on putting several new products up on our website. I will be introducing some of these new products here on our blog.  One of our new products for the natural preschool playground is the Log Fort.  We wanted to create a natural outdoor playhouse, so we decided to use vertical logs to create a fort-like hideaway for children.

We always take supervision into account when designing our products, so the walls of the fort were designed with lower areas and higher areas.  The low spots in the wall allow teachers to easily see into the fort to supervise the children.  The higher spots of the wall allow children to feel like they are hiding in a secret fort.   We have two different styles of Log Forts.  One has a curved top and the other has two window cut outs for children to peek out.


Check out our Log Fort, and stay tuned!  We are developing many new products for your natural play areas.