Adding Circle Time to Your Outdoor Classroom

Circle Time is a valuable way to promote social and emotional skills, literacy, and language development in young children. In this group activity, children sit in a circle and participate in structured activities like singing songs, reading books, playing games, and more. The focus of Circle Time is to promote social and emotional skills, as well as literacy and language development.

How to Incorporate Circle Time into Your Routine

  • Set up a designated space: Choose a comfortable area in your outdoor classroom where everyone can gather. This area could include a large rug or mat, benches, or even a large tree for shade.
  • Stick to a regular schedule: Consistency is key. Establish a regular time for Circle Time, so children know what to expect. It is recommended for at least once a day, but it can be held more often.
  • Keep it simple: Activities should be simple and easy to understand. Choose activities that are developmentally appropriate for your students to keep them engaged and interested.
  • Mix it up: While it’s important to keep Circle Time activities consistent, it’s also important to keep them interesting. Introducing new songs, games, and books can keep children engaged and excited.
  • Use the outdoor environment: The outdoor environment provides an excellent opportunity for Circle Time activities. Use nature as a backdrop and incorporate outdoor elements, such as leaves, rocks, and sticks, into your activities.

Our Outdoor Equipment

Our outdoor equipment is designed to enhance Circle Time and promote social and emotional development. For example, our maintenance-free outdoor benches and picnic tables provide a comfortable and engaging space for children. We also offer outdoor interactive play panels that promote critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Circle Time is a valuable activity that promotes social and emotional skills, literacy, and language development in young children. By following these tips and incorporating our outdoor equipment, you can enhance your outdoor classroom routine and provide an engaging and meaningful learning experience for your early education students.

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