About Michelle Pleasant

Michelle is the mother of three young children, and has a background in education. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a bachelor's degree in Special Education. Her teaching experience ranges from kindergarten through high school, working primarily with students with intensive disabilities. She also has experience working in nonprofit as an employment specialist for adults with autism. Michelle is passionate about creating inclusive and accessible learning environments for all children. Her daughter and twin sons keep her engaged in learning about child development, and continue to challenge her to see the world through a child’s eyes.

How Families Impact Educational Success

The most important teachers in a child’s life are their families at home. Although children spend a large amount of their time at school, it is not a replacement for the learning, love, encouragement, and reinforcement they receive from family … READ MORE

Language Development on the Playground

Language development is one of the most important skills children learn through play. Children are learning how to interact with the world. They’re honing their ability to understand others and to express their thoughts, feelings, and needs. The preschool playground … READ MORE

5 Myths About Sensory Play

First, what is sensory play? Sensory play is play that engages children in activities that stimulate one or more of their senses. This includes sight, sound, touch, smell, taste, and movement. It creates an opportunity for children to learn about … READ MORE