About Maddie Trick

Maddie is a Licensed Professional Counselor and has extensive background in working with children ages 4 to 18. She graduated from Xavier University with a Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling then proceed to become a licensed therapist. Prior to graduating, she worked as an intern within a day treatment program for youth who are severely emotionally disturbed and cannot be maintained in regular school programming. She was hired onto the day treatment staff as a Full-Time Mental Health Therapist before graduating with her Master’s. Throughout her time with the day treatment program, Maddie handled client care with a trauma focused approach. She is currently working within a school system, focusing on care with middle school students. Maddie is passionate about working with children because starting the therapy process early not only allows kids to become familiar and secure with the process, but allows children to learn important mental health skills at a young age. When children learn these skills early, it can be helpful in preventing further need for more serious therapeutic interventions.

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