Celebrate Screen-Free Week

April 30th through May 6th is Screen-Free Week and it’s not just school aged children who are getting too much screen time.  On average, preschoolers watch 32 hours of television every week and see 25,000 commercials.  Even infants are getting too much screen time as 19% of infants have televisions in their bedrooms (The Body Smart Blog).

A 7th grader in Michigan said “It’s amazing how much free time you have when you’re not in front of a screen… I never realized how much fun I missed by using screens instead of playing outside” (Commercial Free Childhood).  So this week, celebrate Screen-Free Week by turning off the TV, shutting down the computer, putting down the smart phone, and going outdoors to play!  Trust us, it will be fun!

Visit our website to see the many concepts that children are learning when they play with outdoor playground equipment on a natural playscape.


Commercial Free Childhood.

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