Celebrating Labor Day in Preschool

Labor Day is a good time for children to learn about community helpers and working together.  Popular helpers include police officers, fire fighters, doctors, and teachers.  During outdoor playground time, why not talk about the many people who work in the great outdoors?

1.  Park Rangers – Use tree cookies or stones to create a pathway through the “forest” or play Follow-the-Leader and take a tour across the preschool playground.

2.  Farmers – Grow vegetables or herbs in a garden.

3.  Mail Carrier – Take a trip to the mailbox to post letters the children wrote to home.

4.  Landscaper – Plant flowers in a garden.

5.  Construction Worker – Practice using tools on soft wood or foam blocks.

6.  Fishermen/women – Go fishing in the Water Table.  Attach magnets to the string of a toy fishing pole and other magnets to small toy fish.

7.  Zoo Keeper – Make bird feeders to take care of the hungry birds.

8.  Children – Assign playground jobs (similar to classroom jobs).  Some examples could be:  The Litter Detectives (who search for litter), the Toy Captains (who look for toys left behind), The Gardeners (who make sure the plants are watered), etc.

Happy Labor Day, from The Adventurous Child Team!