Children and Conservation

Most of us didn’t start to learn the importance of conservation until we were adults: the idea of conservation was still new when we were children, and climate change was practically unheard of.  But now that we understand its importance, we need to begin teaching children about conservation early.  One way to start is to build a compost pile in your outdoor play area.  And what better time to do so than the fall, when you can find leaves and twigs to add to the compost bin in such abundance.

Here are some tips on building a compost bin on your preschool playground:

  • Choose an out-of-the-way location.  If you have an outdoor garden, it’s a great idea to put the compost bin nearby.  It is also helpful if it is near a water source.
  • DON’T USE: meat, fat, bones, milk, cheese, oils, pet droppings or diseased plants.
  • DO USE: leaves, pine needles, newspaper, sawdust, grass clippings, and coffee  grounds.
  • Build the bin in layers, topping each layer off with some soil and then watering it.
  • Have the children pick up stray worms in your outdoor play area and add them to the compost bin, to help break down the compost!

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