Cold Weather Tips for the Outdoor Classroom

Winter is upon us in most of the country, and with it comes much colder weather and a reluctance to take the children outdoors.  At The Adventurous Child, we know it’s important and beneficial to utilize your preschool playground in all seasons.  Need some inspiration to help you get outdoors this winter? Here are some of our favorite cold weather tips:

  • Go for a Nature Walk.  The environment around your center is much different now than in the summer.  Have the children observe these winter time differences, such as trees without their leaves or squirrels stocking away nuts.
  • Children need Vitamin D. Many children get insufficient amounts of vitamin D in the winter.  The sun is a great and inexpensive source of vitamin D.   Added sun exposure during winter can make children happier as well.
  • Cold weather doesn’t suppress the immune system. Numerous scientific studies have attempted to link winter weather with increased susceptibility to upper respiratory infections – so far, to no avail. The likely reason that kids have more respiratory infections in winter is that they spend more time indoors.  In the winter, the air outdoors is arguably much healthier than the air indoors.  Viruses and bacteria thrive among children crowded into enclosed areas with stale air.
  • Avoid “Cabin Fever”. Regardless of the season, children from infancy on are far more upbeat when they spend time outdoors.

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