Colorful Streamers All Around

When we take children out to play our goal is to get them to move around and get some of their wiggles out. Encouraging them to play and move around can sometimes be difficult. Getting some children to move around can be a challenge. Keeping Infants attention for a period can also see to be a hard task at hand. Using streamers and cardstock and some tape can help you solve this problem.


A Rainbow of fun
You can hold the different colored streamers out in front of the infants or you can attach some streamers to a part of the playground for them to watch blow. You may hold the streamers in front of them to encourage them to reach for them.

Toddlers and Preschoolers:

Rainbow Wristbands
Attach at least four different colored pieces of streamers to cardstock to create one wrist band for each child. As the child runs around they will be able watch the colored streamers blow in the wind either already flowing outside or that they create as they run around the playground.

Thinking Questions to Ask:

What colors do you see?
What makes the streamers move?
How can you make the streamers move?