Composting (Part 2 of 2)

On Monday we discussed the fantastic benefits of composting in your outdoor classroom. Today, we’re doing to talk about how to create that compost pile!


These tips came from the BBC article “Make Your Own Compost.”

You will need:

  • a compost bin with a lid
  • old plant waste
  • kitchen waste
  • soil

1. Help your children to set up the compost bin or site, ensuring the bin is placed on earth and not concrete.

2. Fill the bin with dead leaves, green waste from the garden, old plants you’ve pulled out, fruit and vegetable peelings from the kitchen – even eggshells!

3. Next, sprinkle in some soil.

4. Cover the bin with an old piece of carpet or a doormat to keep the heat in and leave it alone until you have some more waste to put inside.

5. After three or four months remove the cover and help your child to dig the compost over. Leave it to rot down further.

6. When the bottom of the compost is brown and crumbly, it is ready. You and your children can dig it into the garden – your plants will be really pleased!

Tips and advice

  • This is a joint project for adults and children together. You will need to provide the physical manpower for a lot of it, but the children will often provide the motivation to keep filling up the bin.
  • When preparing a meal, why not ask your children to help you sort out which pieces they can put in their compost bin? Vegetable and fruit peelings are great. Don’t put in cooked food or meat, as it may attract rodents.

Happy composting from The Adventurous Child!

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