DIY Rain Barrel

April showers bring May flowers, it’s true, and those showers can be pretty fantastic – and not just for your tulips and daffodils! Why not create a rain barrel to store that water? There are a lot of great reasons to create a rain barrel, including water conservation and saving money.

Here are some reasons to create a rain barrel:

· Water conservation

When you conserve water, you are not just helping yourself, you are helping your community and the planet.

· Saving money
The primary advantage to using rain water over municipal water is that you are saving water and money.
You can use the water you collect to take care of your garden, lawn and outdoor cleaning tasks.
This means that even when your community is on a water restriction you can still water plants and your lawn because you are not using public water

Including a rain barrel in your outdoor classroom is a wonderful lesson for your children. You will be setting the examples of conservation in more ways than one, and you can use the water you collect for the plants in your garden! What’s not to like about that?

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