Fall is in the Air: Observe, Explore, Document

fall leaves changing colors

The change in the temperature has signified that fall is upon us.  The crisp air and cooler temperatures bring significant observable changes outside.  A wonderful and common activity to do with children in the fall is to observe the changing colors of the leaves.  This year, when you observe the changes to the trees, take the observation up a notch by incorporating research and technology in the outdoor classroom!


  1. Photos

Document the change in the leaves by having the children take pictures every few days.  Assist the children in creating a class book about fall in their preschool neighborhood with the pictures they have taken.


  1. Prediction

Have the children predict what will happen next. Incorporate books about fall to help the children learn about why the leaves change color and fall off the trees. One of my favorite books is Leaves, Leaves, Leaves by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.


  1. Videos

Capture the children on video talking about what they observe happening to the trees.  What other observable events are happening outside?  Consider making a mini movie about the changes of fall.


  1. Leaf Identification

Help the children identify the types of leaves and tress that are around the school. Apps like Leafsnap, Audubon Trees, and Arbor Day Tree Identification Guide can help children identify the trees and leaves around them. Gather leaves in the outdoor classroom and create a leaf identification book.


  1. Yearlong Research

Continue taking pictures and videos throughout all 4 seasons:

  • Fall’s changing leaves
  • The bare branches in the winter
  • The spring buds bursting from the branches
  • The abundant green leaves in the summer
  • Back to the vibrate colors of fall


Use our Cedar Picnic Table as an observation station to compare and contrast the fall leaves. Have children document their observations while on the preschool playground. Click this link to learn more about the Cedar Picnic Table.

cedar picnic table

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