Family Fitness Challenge

Have you heard of the Family Fitness Challenge from USA Today?  They have a different challenge every week for families to get out and get active! The Adventurous Child understands how important it is for children to get all of the physical activity that they need at home as well as on the preschool playground.

My favorite challenge so far was for week 6, Do a Scavenger Hunt!  This is something that can easily be done in the backyard or on your preschool playground.  In the backyard you have trees, sheds and doghouses to hide things behind and nests and gnomes to find!  On your preschool playground you have climbers, outdoor art easels and sand tables to hide things and xylophone mallets to find!  Children will enjoy running around with your help to be the first to find the items on their list.

Try it and let us know how your children enjoyed it!

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