Gardening Tips for Children

child gardening

“The years of early childhood are the time to prepare the soil” – Rachel Carson


These summer days, full of ripened fruits and vegetables in the farmers’ markets and grocery stores, have us thinking about planting our own garden. This is absolutely something you can do with your children!

Stephanie from The Adventurous Child is our go-to garden expert. Here are some of her tips for exploring nature with children:


Teach them the ground rules for exploring nature and gardening
Take only things that won’t harm the environment
Avoid picking wild flowers and breaking branches

Plan for your garden
Will you plant things you can eat?
Will you plant flowers to beautify?
Consult with Drug and Poison Control about your plant choices
How much sun will the area get?
How close is the water source?
Will the garden area be safe from the mainstream of play traffic?

Limit the duration of the task
Work with small groups
Wear old clothing
Stop back on Monday to find out what gardening products we carry. Of course, if you’re really itching to pull out your shovel and soil, find more information here.
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