Ideas for Gifts From the Garden Month

Presents from Mother Nature

If you’ve never spent time in the garden with your children or students, you’re missing out on a rich experience. 

Who doesn’t enjoy the aroma of sun-kissed soil? Or the sight of raindrops dripping from the leaves of young plants? Plus, gardening is an opportunity to develop some essential life skills.

May is Gifts from the Garden Month.

Children love to give. And they enjoy the experience of a new adventure. Why not share a love for gardening with them?

We’ve put together a quick guide for parents and teachers. It includes planting tips, gardening tips, and ideas for gardening gifts.

Whether you’re a parent or you teach young students, we hope this article inspires you to get outside with the young learners in your life and get your hands dirty.

Garden Ideas Perfect for Children

Before you plant that first seed, you must plan your garden space. To keep children engaged, make the garden area fun!

Consider designing a sensory garden. We also love the idea of creating a fairy garden or one that encourages visits from local wildlife.

Installing child-size seating, building a mudroom, or making a small pond are all fantastic ways you can make a garden friendly for children of all ages.

The key to sharing the experience with children is to make the garden accessible.

Planting Made Easy

After you decide where you’ll plant your garden, the next step is to pick the plants. Choose plants that stimulate the senses.

Look for plants with interesting shapes and colors. Children also enjoy growing plants with unusual textures. Help them select plants with pleasant scents or those that attract bees and butterflies.

Here are a few of our favorite easy to grow flowering plants:

  • Lamb’s Ear
  • Hens-and-Chicks
  • Shasta Daisies
  • Petunias
  • Sunflowers 

Since children enjoy giving, why not help them separate the fully-grown Hens-and-Chicks, plant them in pots they paint themselves, and give them to a grandparent or neighbor?

Gardening Tips for Plants You Can Eat

Don’t forget the edible plants! There’s nothing more rewarding for children than harvesting carrots, peas, corn, or potatoes.

Young students also enjoy herb gardens—most herbs multiply quickly, and the harvest is bountiful.

Include rosemary, oregano, thyme, parsley, and sage. You can help them dry the herbs and create an Italian seasoning mix. If you grow basil, the children can help make pesto to give to friends and family. 

Garden Gifts Children Can Create

You’re not limited to only the edible gifts from the garden.

Gather some sweet-smelling herbs, dry them, and let the children tie them together with a colorful ribbon. It’s a project that stimulates the senses and helps them create a gift anyone would love to receive.

If you grow small peppers, the children can string them together with a needle and thread (adult supervision advised). Make a loop at the top for hanging and let the peppers dry. Chili ristras make a beautiful and practical gift.

Need More Ideas for Outdoor Experiences?

We hope we’ve inspired you to introduce your children and students to outdoor gardening, especially when it comes to gifts from the garden. It’s one way to get them interested in nature and helps instill a giving spirit.

Here at The Adventurous Child, we specialize in showing parents and teachers how to create engaging outdoor spaces. 

Reach out to our team today. We’d love to share our ideas or help you place your order.

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