Happy Father’s Day!

Thank you to all the great dads, uncles, grandpas, and other men who are positive influences in the lives of young children.  Young children benefit greatly from interactions with the male role models in their lives.  Two of the many ways children benefit relate to emotional development and rough and tumble play.

dad and daughter by water

Studies show that when fathers or other male guardians help teach children about emotions, the children tend to “score higher on tests of ’emotional intelligence,'” and “they tend to have better relationships with other children and behave less aggressively. . . It really is fathers who can have a major influence on helping their children build strong social relationships during childhood and later in life” (Institute for the Study of Civil Society).

dad playing with child

Studies also show that men engage in more rough and tumble, physical, boisterous play with young children than women do (Wardle).  This rough and tumble play is important to children’s development because it helps them learn about their strength, what their body can do, and about gross motor skills.  (Plus, it’s fun!)  Children’s outdoor play areas are a great place for rough and tumble play, so. . .

Dads, this Father’s Day weekend, head outdoors, have some fun with your children, and keep up the good work!  Happy Fathers’ Day from The Adventurous Child!



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