Happy Fathers Day! Learning from Male Role Models

This Father’s Day, we want to acknowledge all of the hard work that fathers, uncles, grandpas and all males alike put into being good male role models for children.  In some cases, though, young children are not exposed to an adult male in their personal life.  We would hope that if they are not getting the exposure at home, that when they are in preschool or day care, that they have a male to look up to there.  But that is not the case.  “Most young children never experience having a man as a teacher or care giver.”   (Nelson, 2004)

This Father’s Day we challenge all males to make a difference!  When considering a career choice, keep early childhood education in mind.  If you are active in a child’s life, we praise you!  Extend all of the lessons that you have to teach and time you have to spend to a child that you know does not have a male role model.

Happy Father’s Day from The Adventurous Child!

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