Happy Halloween

Halloween is always a fun and exciting holiday for children.  It is an opportunity to live out a fantasy as a favorite animal or character and really cut loose with friends and family.  And all this is before being allowed to eat much more candy than normal.  While Halloween is great fun for children and parents alike, it is not without its own set of risks.  Below are some tips to help keep your little ghosts and goblins safe as they head out for an evening of trick-or-treating:

  • Plan you route

Trick or treating can unexpectedly take you further from home than you realize.  So much candy, so little time!  This can lead to frustration and sore feet.  Map out the route you will take ahead of time and stick to it without getting too far away from your home comfort zone.

  • Wear walking shoes

Sure those high heels look great with your Lady Gaga costume, but do you really want to walk ten blocks in them?  Make sure to wear comfortable athletic shoes, even if they clash with your costume.

  • Be sure they’re seen

Traffic can be heavy in some neighborhoods and you want to be sure your little Frankensteins and Witches are easily visible.  Carry a flashlight and add reflective tape to costumes.

  • Make sure costumes aren’t too big

If a child’s costume is too big or drags on the ground, it can cause them to trip, fall, and get hurt.  Trim costumes to the proper length so that your favorite Princess or Grim Reaper doesn’t fall.

  • Check your child’s candy

At the end of trick-or-treat night, carefully check your child’s candy.  Discard anything that’s homemade or is not in its original wrapper.

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