Happy Thanksgiving!

Looking for a fun activity to do in the children’s outdoor play area to celebrate Thanksgiving?  Try making a Thanksgiving table centerpiece with objects found outdoors in a natural playscape.  Fill a basket with the natural items or purchase a Styrofoam wreath from your local craft store and glue the items to the wreath.

Here are some ideas for the centerpiece’s natural decorations:

  • Colorful fall leaves
  • Acorns (Add some art fun by dipping the acorns in paint before adding them to the centerpiece.)
  • Branches/Twigs (Add some color to the sticks with paint or by wrapping yarn around them.)
  • Gourds  (Ask the children what they are thankful for and write their answers on the sides of the gourds.)
  • Indian Corn/Maize

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

From The Adventurous Child Family, To Yours


(Interested in growing your own gourds?  Check out our gardening preschool play equipment.)