How to talk to children about 9/11

9/11 was an event that touched all Americans through a loss of their sense of security.  10 years later, images of the aftermath still stir emotions in the minds and hearts of us all.  When the topic comes up, and it will, how do you tell your child what happened or why everyone is acting extra patriotic on this day?  The 9-11 Heroes website has helpful tips for ways to ease your children into the discussion:

  • Talk on their level.  Communicate with your children in a way  they can understand.  Don’t get too technical or complicated.
  • Find out what frightens them.  Encourage your children to talk about fears they may have.  They may worry that someone will harm them at school.
  • Develop a plan.  Establish an emergency plan for the future, such as a meeting place where everyone should gather if something unexpected happens at your center.