Tactile Panel

The Tactile Panel provides a sensorial experience for infants and toddlers. The panel has 6 different textures for children to discover, investigate, and compare. Some of the textures are hard and slippery, while other textures are soft and rubbery. The … READ MORE

The Sandbox, Part 1

If you have ever been to the beach then you have witnessed the allure of sand.  People young and old are digging, building and playing in the sand. Sand is naturally intriguing due to its open-ended qualities.  Every grain of … READ MORE

Not Just a Climber

We often hear about the importance of adjusting environments to children’s learning and behavior, but somehow that tends to stop at the door. We head out to the installed, immobile playgrounds and assume that’s just it. However, playgrounds are extensions … READ MORE

It’s Planting Season Time

Now is a great time to get students involved in planting.   Adding features to the playground like a garden center or planting area can be a fun and new learning experience for children. Children can experience natural science when you … READ MORE

Infant Play Corner, Floor Add-On

The Infant Play Corner Floor Add-On provides a clean, level surface for hours of infant play.