Infant Play Area, 5 Panels + Gate

The 7 1/2′ hexagon Infant Play Area provides (5) different activities for infants to do. The sixth side of the hexagon is a gate which helps provide the children with a safe play space. Included on this infant playground equipment … READ MORE

Playground Safety Sign

The Playground Safety Sign is designed to inform anyone entering the preschool outdoor playground or using the outdoor learning equipment, such as staff, parents and the community what age the playground area was designed for and that adults need to … READ MORE

Tracking Panel, Maintenance-Free Plastic

Watch as the ball travels through tubes, pipes and chutes – now you see it, now you don’t. Incorporating a Tracking Panel into your outdoor preschool playground allows children to observe and demonstrate directional words—in, out, on, off, here, there, … READ MORE

Xylophone, Maintenance-Free Plastic

The Xylophone has a full scale of eight notes, which allows children and adults to play a song and sing along. The bars are a heavy gauge aluminum that will not rust. The Xylophone is an enjoyable piece of outdoor … READ MORE

Chime Panel, Maintenance-Free Plastic with Letters

The Chime Panel has a full scale of eight notes that allow children and adults to play a song and sing along. The letters along the top and bottom of each chime correspond with the note that chime makes. Children … READ MORE

Drum Panel

Children can pound with their hands or strike with the mallets to hear the sounds of the outdoor Drum Panel. This outdoor play equipment for children is perfect for introducing music at your preschool’s outdoor classroom. The Drum Panel consists … READ MORE

Drum, Large

You can’t bang on the drum all day, but adding the Large Drum to your outdoor playground is a perfect way to introduce music, encourage creativity and reinforce cooperative play. Add a Chime Panel, Xylophone, and Pots and Pans Panel … READ MORE

Sand Table, Activity Panel Add-On

Add the Sand Table Activity Panel to The Adventurous Child Sand Table. The Sand Table Activity Panel Add-On has two clear chutes that allow the children to pour the sand into the chute and observe the sand slide down and … READ MORE

Sand Table, Lockable Lid, Maintenance-Free Plastic

The Maintenance-Free Plastic Lockable Lid is designed so you can add a lock to secure your Sand Table. Please note, this lid is not water proof. A Fabric Cover is also available. Please Note: • Locks are not included.

Sand Table, Fabric Cover

The Fabric Cover is made of water repelling fabric and can be stretched over the Sand Table when it is not in use to prevent leaves, sticks, water, etc. from entering the Table. The Fabric Cover has elastic corners that … READ MORE