Water Log Trough

The Water Log Trough provides an instant creek for your natural preschool playground. Place a garden hose at the high end of the trough; turn the water on and the fun rolls gently down the stream. The Water Log Trough … READ MORE

Water Fountain, Small Rock

Our Rock Water Fountains are perfect for adding water play to your natural playscape. Simply connect a garden hose to the fountain and watch as the water bubbles out of the rock. Children can press their hands against one hole … READ MORE

Sandbox, 6′ x 6′ Mesh Cover

Mesh Cover is designed to allow water to pass through but prevents animal litter, leaves, sticks, etc from entering the Sandbox. The cover has elastic corners that fit over the edge of seats.

Sandbox, 6′ x 6′

Spacious 6′ x 6′ Sandbox for the natural playground has two 6′ long bench seats to support several children and teachers during sand play. Sand is a wonderful manipulative that has endless opportunities for fun and learning. This outdoor play … READ MORE

Sandbox, Large with Bench Seats, Roof Add-On

Add The Adventurous Child Roof Add-On to the Large Sandbox with Bench Seats. Provides hours of shade during sand play. Please Note: Due to the size of the roof, it is recommended that the delivery address has an elevated dock … READ MORE