Introducing a New Product: The Magnetic Board

We would like to introduce our new outdoor learning equipment – the Magnetic Board is a fun way to include some science exploration on the preschool playground.   We include magnetic gears which the children can place together and by turning one gear, discover how the other gears will also turn.


There are also many other possibilities for exploring with magnets on the Magnetic Board.  Add magnetic letters for literacy learning or add magnetic numbers to introduce some math.  You can also purchase a roll of magnetic strips from your local craft store and stick the magnets to many different manipulatives for added fun.  Try adding the magnets to Popsicle sticks and then using the sticks on the board to create letters, shapes, or to build pictures.  Or, try adding magnets to bean bags by cutting open one side, placing the magnet inside, and then sewing it up again.  Children can toss the bean bag and it will stick to the preschool play equipment.


We have two styles of Magnetic Boards.  The 90° Board is pictured above.  This Magnetic Board allows for children to play on 4 different sides and the corners.  Gears placed on the outside or inside corner will turn together just as they do when placed side by side on a flat area.  The picture below shows the second style of board, the Straight Magnetic Board.


See more of our outdoor play equipment for preschoolers.  Our page for the Magnetic Board will up soon!

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