Labor Day Off


While some children might be excited about having a 3 day weekend, it is important to teach them why they won’t have school the first Monday in September.  Do they know what Labor Day is?  The last day to wear white clothing? A big sale at the store? The end of summer? While all of these are considered to be true, teach children about the hard workers who deserve a day off on this holiday that was created to celebrate them.

While outside with your children today, have them act out different laboring jobs.  If you have store fronts on your preschool playground, one child can pose as the mail carrier delivering everyone’s packages.  If you have an art easel, have some children sit for their portrait while another pretends to be an artist.  My favorite would be to have the children pretend to be construction workers in the truck pit!

The children are having fun and participating in some play based learning.  Happy Labor Day to all!