Learn about Herbs in the Garden

When gardening with children, you have many different options; there’s a vegetable, fruit, flower, and herb garden.  Which of these sounds like the most fun to you?  We will take a look at the benefits of each type of these gardens and different activities that can accompany each one.

Today, we’ll start with the herb garden.  Whether for medicinal or culinary purposes, there are many herbs that children can grow. These aromatic plants can be a fascinating focus for a growing classroom.

One possibility is to grow mint, it’s easy to maintain and grows rapidly.  It is an herb that will not easily be destroyed by lots of tiny hands.  Children will enjoy watching this herb spread across the garden, while being able to feel its nubby texture and smell its soothing scent.  Once the mint is ready, you can crush it up for them and serve some mint tea!

To further let the children taste the fruits of their garden labor, plant some dill, rosemary or sage to mix with cream cheese.  You could have a taste testing day and let the children try and guess which herb was used in which cream cheese.

Whichever you choose to do, the children will enjoy learning about what they’re planting through hands on experience.  Being able to create something useful with their plant makes it even better!  For some fun garden ideas, visit our product page and view the gardens!