Learning Geography at the Art Easel

Art easel What is one of the favorite subject matters of young painters? The seasons and weather! Often times preschoolers are painting pictures of various weather scenes–sunshine, clouds, rain, snow, etc. Trees with colorful leaves falling in the autumn; snow falling in the winter, rain showers in the spring and flowers blooming in the summer are also popular themes. According to the states’ Early Learning Standards, these drawings of seasonal changes represent an understanding of physical systems, or what we adults refer to as Geography. What makes an even better experience is if a child can be outside painting at the art easel, while experiencing the weather conditions with all of their senses–the warmth of the sun on the skin, the smell of the flowers, the sound of the birds singing, etc. These experiences all help to inspire and create a more authentic representation of seasonal changes. The Adventurous Child’s Art Easel provides a wonderful opportunity for outdoor art creations.

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