Learning in Autumn

Take advantage of the last of the nice fall weather before the cool sets in.  Children will love to go on a nature hike and discover new bugs and plants with magnifying glasses.  Children enjoy using mirrors to see all sides of an object at once.

If you are in an area with an abundance of nuts or pinecones, (Buckeyes for us Ohio-ans!) try having a contest with your children to see who can collect the most during your hike.  Pass pass out bags for the children to use to place thier nuts or cones in.  At the end of the hike have the children sort, count, and analyze their findings.   Count who had the most, compare who had the largest, observe who’s had the best scent, etc.  Children will be interested in the differences in the size, shape, color, and scent.  All of these will provide conversations with visual cues to help children learn math and science. Let us know what you and your children are finding on your autumn nature hikes.

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