Learning Literacy on the Playground

Rae Pica writes in her 2010 article, “Linking Literacy and Movement,” that “stringing actions together to form sequences is similar to linking words to form sentences and eventually paragraphs.  Both require children to choose components that flow naturally.”  So true! Children learn a lot through movement.

When children run outside, they are not just skipping away to burn 30 minutes of energy on playground equipment; they are actually extending their learning in the outdoor classroom.

It is not enough to teach children words through a vocabulary lesson, they need to see and do actions to tie the word and meaning together.  “Through the tunnel.” “Under the monkey bars.” “Across the balance beam.” Teaching these words and then showing what they mean will allow the children to mentally take the word in and then physically connect the meaning to the word. Sounds like a fun and easy way to learn vocabulary.

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