Learning Physical Education at the Drums

large drum set Playing the Large Drum Set outdoors …



1. Dancing, twisting, marching and jumping to the music.

2. Strengthening hand muscles to grasp the drum mallet.

3. Using the large shoulder and arm muscles to
strike the drum.

4. Integrating body movement with senses–
touch, hearing, kinesthesia, and the vestibular

5. Increasing eye-hand coordination.

6. Developing body awareness and spatial awareness.

7. Learning that physical activity is fun and feels good.

8. Demonstrating sound discrimination.

9. Developing skills through repetitive practice.

10. Improving body control.

11. Increasing the physical activity level by adding singing to the beating drum and dancing feet.

12. Creating the partnership of physical activity and emotional well-being.

Physical education focuses on all activities and experiences that support and encourage gross and fine motor development as well as sensory integration.

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