Learning Science and Social Studies while Going Green

“We have not inherited the Earth from our parents; we have borrowed it from our children.” – L. Brown, 1981

Our children are our future, what we have is ultimately theirs.  That is why it is so important for us to practice and for our children to learn about conservation.

To many, conservation in our personal lives seems like a daunting task.  The new fuel saving cars, solar panels on our roofs, “Going Green.” But there are so many small things that even our children can do to help preserve the Earth.

Set up a rain barrel outside.  Show your children how to collect rain water from the spigot and they will happily water the plants and flowers!  Work with your children to create a composting bin on the preschool playground where they can throw their banana and orange peels; when the time is right, help them to spread their homemade fertilizer over the soil.  To discover more about children learning science on the preschool playground visit The Adventurous Child.

Kids love to help, show them how to do it green-ly.