Learning to Heal through Play: Natural Healing (3 of 3)

“A more naturalized outdoor space can provide an alternative to the playground for traumatized children that allows them to move in ways that heal: walking or running on pathways through plantings, or dancing to soothing sounds made by rain sticks or an outdoor marimba.” (Polites, Kuchar, & Bigelow, 2010) Children can have positive ideas and thoughts about themselves when they are creating beautiful music or when they help something to grow tall and magical with their hands.

A serene, safe environment that includes a children’s garden can teach young boys and girls about life cycles, responsibility and nurturing. Showing them how to handle plants with care and softness in order to help it grow and become strong can teach them how to treat others with care and softness. The hardships that these children far too often experience and witness can be seen as obscure or against the will of nature when they observe a birds nest in the yard. A bird can teach how a parent is supposed to be protective of their young and act as a provider.

Create a natural playground area for your children, the lessons they will take with them will last a lifetime. To learn more visit The Adventurous Child playground gardens.