Learning to Heal Through Play (1 of 3)

We often write and read about all of the educational benefits children gain through play; the ELS that they are mastering on the playground.  Recently I read an article entitled “hope and healing for children affected by domestic violence”. It opened my eyes to all of the social and emotional benefits that come from children’s play.

When a child has been hurt, it is our responsibility as adults to step in and help them heal.  “Our role is to provide a safe and healing environment that allows them to get back to the important work of being children.”  Children need an outlet to express their anger, confusion, sadness and all of their pent up emotions in a way that is safe and consistent.

In coming blogs, we will delve into the realms of playing to heal: purposeful movement experiences along with deep connections with the natural world.

(Thanks to Andrea Polites, Karen Kuchar and Shauna Bigelow. You can read their article in the Jan/Feb 2010 issue of EXCHANGE.)