Let’s Get Physical


stepping stones balance beam


Early childhood is the time for a child to begin the development of an active lifestyle. In order to ensure a lifetime of good health, the development of skills and attitudes that lead to a healthy lifestyle need to be nurtured and encouraged when children are young. Children don’t need personal trainers and gymnasiums…just open the doors–the preschool playground is their fitness center. Young children need daily movement opportunities designed for their developmental levels in order to enhance body awareness, spatial awareness, coordination and locomotor skills.


The Adventurous Child designs outdoor play equipment that helps develop childrens’ minds and bodies. For example, The Adventurous Child Balance Beam is uniquely designed with an incline plane, a level surface and a step up and down all within one product. The easiest beam is the level one, which is 6″ off the ground, and allows the children to balance and walk on a level narrow surface. The next most difficult beam is the inclined plane. The child has to be able to walk up or down the hill at the same time as they are balancing on the narrow beam. The third beam is only 2′ long and there is a 6″ step between that beam and the level beam. Being able to step from one narrow object to another narrow object requires a greater skill level than just walking a standard balance beam. Observe the children as they master the different levels of difficulty and watch their self-confidence grow. Also, check out The Adventurous Child Stepping Pods and many other outdoor playground activities for building young minds and bodies.