Little Pumpkin Hide and Seek

Who doesn’t like hide and seek? Little Pumpkin likes hide and seek!

Hide a little pumpkin somewhere on the playground. Have the children turn around and face the other way, because closing their eyes and not peeking may be just too hard to do! Have the children sing the song below while they try to find the Little Pumpkin!

Hiding Little Pumpkin Song:

I’m a Little Pumpkin,
As you can see.
I like to hide,
So close your eyes and,
Don’t you peek!
Come find me,
(created by Tracey Hill)

Other Pumpkin activities:

• Infants can hold and play with a washed small pumpkin.
• Cut open and explore the inside of a Pumpkin
• Pumpkin Reconstruct
• Count Pumpkins
• Place a large piece of plastic or trash bag down on playground. Sing “Humpty Dumpty song but say “pumpkin” instead of Humpty Dumpty. When he has a great fall, smash the pumpkin. Have the children be the king’s men and horses and try to put the pumpkin together again!