Mr. Sun

outdoor fun in the sun

I feel like I have been singing “Oh Mr. Sun, Mr. Golden sun, please shine down on me” quite a lot lately! The sun is shining and providing a good time to soak up some Vitamin D.
Sunshine gives off serotonin that is beneficial for children and adults. The Serotonin helps boost children’s mood while also helping them feel calm and focused. This is a great benefit for all children, whether they’re in school or out.

Research shows that just five to fifteen minutes a week provides you with enough vitamin D needed to boost your mood. (Laflamme,2015) This is also beneficial for teachers who work with students. It also creates a mood boost and calming for you as well. So head on out, even if it’s for only five minutes to get some beneficial vitamin D.

Sunny Day Activities


Find a nice bright spot. Have a conversation with the children about the sun.
“The sun is yellow. And it’s bright!”
“This feels warm on my skin… or maybe, this feels so hot!”


Teach the children the Mr. Sun song.
Talk about the qualities and characteristics of sunshine.
Have them create sunglasses with construction paper and cellophane paper. Patterns can be found online.


Ask the children to describe the sun. How does it make them feel? What effect does it have on people, animals, and the Earth?
Ask the children – Do you want to catch the sun?
Have children create Suncatchers using contact paper and colored tissue paper and string.

Laflamme, Mark MD Sunlight and Moderation., November 2015

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