Mud: A Renewable Resource

What is the one outdoor activity that every child loves (even if Mom doesn’t always agree)? Playing in the mud, of course! As we can all remember from our own childhoods, mud is that ever present, ever moldable toy that you can do just about anything with. And if you don’t like what you have made, that’s okay! Throw it back in the puddle and start all over again.

Mud is the cheapest art material around, but it makes for hours and hours of great fun. What better way to help your children reconnect with nature than to spend some time playing out in the mud puddle. And with a raincoat and boots over their clothes, clean up will be a piece of cake!  Make it into a learning experience by teaching your children about the history of mud and how it has been used by humans throughout time, or about the science of mud and the different layers of soil they will find if they dig deep enough!  To discover what children are learning on the preschool playground visit The Adventurous Child.

For some great ideas about the science and history of mud, check out this article from the Child Care Exchange: Glorious Mud: The Cheapest, Friendliest Art Material in the World.