International Mud Day

We are on the cusp of International Mud Day, June 29, 2018.

“The world is mud-luscious and puddle-wonderful”

-e.e. Cummings

The quote above is a segment of e.e. Cumming’s poem [in Just-] and is a wonderful reminder of the provocative nature of mud.  Mud is a powerful magnet that attracts some children and repels others.  Mud is simple, made from the two basic elements of earth: water and dirt.  The texture can be thick and sticky or thin and runny, modified by the amount of water and dirt added.  It is dynamic and changeable, a wonderful component for children to explore.

Images of International Mud Day often show children encased in glorious mud, their faces shining with excitement and freedom.  Embracing Mud Day at this level may not be feasible for you and the children you care for.  However, there are many other ways the children in your care can participate in mud day.

First, have conversations about what level of mud play you can allow the children to participate in.  Then let the parents know about your Mud Day celebration.  Make sure to have the parents supply mud clothes and/or bathing suits, appropriate mud shoes/boots, a change of clothes, and towels. Also make sure to invite the parents to participate in the fun.  Then watch the growing excitement and anticipation as Mud Day gets closer.  In part 2 of Mud Day I will discuss ways to host a mud day.

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