Outdoor Weather Station for Preschoolers

As we continue through the month of December, we can feel the seasons changing from fall to winter.  In preschool, where weather is always an interesting topic of study, it’s a great time to observe the changing weather.  And why observe the changing weather from inside the classroom (where hands-on preschoolers can only look out the window at the weather) when you can go outside? On the preschool playground you can really experience the changing temperature, winds, humidity, and precipitation. With our Weather Station Learning Center for the outdoor playground, children can observe and record the weather while experiencing it.

This outdoor learning equipment includes a place to record the weekly weather (2 areas per day, as the weather often changes), a thermometer, barometer, weather vane, and rain gauge.   With these features, children can feel the temperature get colder as they watch the line on the thermometer get shorter. They can also predict rain by observing the changes in pressure on the barometer. They can feel the wind blowing and watch as the weather vane arrow moves. And they can touch and observe the amount of rain that has collected in the gauge.

Learn more about our preschool play equipment, the Weather Station.


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