Outdoor Winter Games!

With the Winter Olympics upon us, now is the perfect time to encourage children to engage in some outdoor games! There are plenty of fun games that can be played during the winter time. These games can be done in ten minute increments or less so that children are not exposed to the weather for long periods of time.

Mitten/Glove Match
Make a pile of gloves. Have the children match up gloves. Setting a timer can add a little extra fun to the game.

Snowball Throw
Using a bucket or pail have the children make snow balls and throw them in the bucket or pail. Start with the bucket up close and gradually move the bucket back making it harder to throw the snowballs into the bucket.

Mini Personal Snowman
Gather materials to let each child make their own personal snowman. Instruct the children on how to roll snow into a ball. Show them how to stack the snowballs on top of each other. Give them sticks (Popsicle sticks can work as well), buttons, or other objects to help create their own personal mini snowman.