It’s Planting Season Time

Now is a great time to get students involved in planting.   Adding features to the playground like a garden center or planting area can be a fun and new learning experience for children.

Children can experience natural science when you add a planting area to their environment. Outdoors is the best place to add this feature. Using the activities below help your children learn how plants grow, the variables of plants, and gain knowledge about plants.

Plant grass seeds

It’s one of the fastest growing plants alive. You can see grass grow within two to three days. Toddlers and Preschoolers can practice cutting skills by using scissors to cut the grass and have fun doing it. Don’t worry it won’t hurt the grass one bit!

Plant mature flowers

Some children need instant results. Infants are able to see the colors of the flowers. This activity can start conversations about colors. You can talk to toddlers and preschoolers about living and nonliving, real flowers and fake or pretend flowers.

Plants on the playground

Encourage children to look for plants growing on the playground. Talk with them about the name of the plant, describe the plant, and what makes the plant grow.









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