Playground Add-Ins

Wash the Playground

Let’s Wash, Wash, Wash, Wash the Playground.
Children love to help in any kind of way they can. Giving toddlers washcloths and towels and letting them wipe the slides and equipment provides them with loads of fun.

Talk Time:

Talk about and describe the things that are on the playground. Examples:
The slide is red.
The stairs are brown.


Blowing bubbles on the playground provides children with opportunities to blow bubbles without worrying about making a mess. It also provides a calming effect for some as they watch the bubbles. Infant, toddlers and preschoolers can benefit from this activity.

Talk Time:

During this time, it would be a great time to talk about the sizes of the bubbles adding vocabulary and asking questions.

Sidewalk Chalk

Giving the children sidewalk chalk would allow them to use their creativity to draw. During this time you could ask the children open ended questions and help them label their pictures.

Talk Time:

Ask the children what they are drawing? Talk about the colors they used.

Story Time Outside

Listening to a story while outside is a great experience for the children. You can make it optional for them to come and listen or continue playing.

I can hear…….

Using Our Senses Outdoors

At one of your outdoor play times have the children use their sense of hearing so you can discuss the sounds they hear while outdoors.


This can be done during a walk in the stroller. Talk to the infant about what they hear. “I hear the birds chirping with my ears.”
“I hear a car go by.”


As you hear a sound ask them to listen and tell you what they hear as well.


Have a pre-talk with the children about what you want them to focus on when they go outside.
A journal can be kept by the children taking notes of what they hear.
Have a discussion about what they hear to encourage talking, adding to vocabulary, and practicing conversation skills.
…..Don’t forget about the other senses. Do the same activities just focus on a different sense. Using the other senses
Touch…. What items can we touch around the playground?
See …… What do you see on the playground?
Smell….. the scent of fresh cut grass after it rains.
Taste….. a popsicle, water, ice cream.

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