Playground Inspections

It is important to perform regular high frequency inspections on your playground. A high frequency inspection is an examination of the playground, specifically looking for changes over a short period of time.  Some things to look for while doing inspections are trash on the playground, insufficient playground surfacing, broken outdoor toys, etc.

Perform inspections whenever best suits the needs of the program.  For example, if an organization has people playing on their playground after hours and leaving trash or other items behind, they would need to do an inspection every morning to clean these items up before the children can come out and safely play.

It is also important to inspect areas on the playground that have lots of wear and tear, such as the end of slides, under swings, high traffic zones, and areas near climbing equipment . If you have loose fill material as playground surfacing, the loose fill material may displace during play. Make sure to check these areas and return any displaced material.