Playground Safety – Distance between Equipment

When conducting a safety inspection for your playground, make sure climbing structures more than 30 inches high are spaced at least 9 feet apart. If two climbing structures are less than 30 inches high, such as two balance beams, they may be spaced 6 feet apart. This standard allows children to safely play on both events because it prevents children from colliding during a fall.

The Adventurous Child is located in the state of Ohio and Ohio’s licensing rules are a little different in that they recommend all climbing equipment be 9 feet apart no matter what the height of the equipment is. An important safety tip when installing play equipment in states whose licensing rules and guidelines differ from the national standards is to give a copy of your state’s rules and guidelines to your playground installers. Frequently, the companies that sell playground equipment and install it are national organizations that follow the national standards and do not always know the nuances of each state.

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