Playground Safety

Safety is important both inside preschools and outside.  On the preschool playground, one safety issue to keep in mind is entanglement.  There are several things you can do to avoid entanglement.  First, check what the children are wearing on the playground. Children should not wear clothing with drawstrings, cords, or loose drawstrings. Children should also not wear jewelry, mittens connected by a string running through the arms, or bicycle helmets.  All of these items have strings, cords, or straps that can become entangled on playground equipment.

Second, check your playground equipment for areas that may snag clothing. These areas include equipment with S-hooks, C-hooks, protruding bolts, gaps, and slides with two different sections that have been put together. To avoid entanglements on these items, ensure closed hooks, no gaps between the bolt head and play equipment, and that bolts are not too long.